Duplicate Content​


People often ask what they need to do to ensure their posts don’t contain duplicate content.


Content needs to be accurate and original which helps readers find answers to their questions.


Google’s definition of duplicate content is “duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar.”  


So this means the same content or very similar content that is found on two or more websites.   If you seek high rankings in Google then make your content is your own!


No matter how hard you try to deliver a unique text, you will not succeed 100%. Therefore, having copied content is one of the 5 big SEO problems.

I should point out that duplicate content exists across multiple websites.

Matt Cutts is a Google’s head of search spam and says that content is everywhere online. Even more, in about 25-30% of the internet.

See Matt’s Post here


Even if Google doesn’t penalise sites containing plagiarism, it still discourages them by displaying them further down in the search results – a big problem for everyone.

The advantage is that you can move up in Google results as soon as you rewrite the copied texts with original content.

This is quite normal! Think of how many news sites, for example, pick up the same news from a particular source or how many sites contain the same product.

What is duplicate content?

Duplicate content refers to identical repeating content on multiple pages.


This problem occurs in many places:


An example would be on product pages that have identical descriptions.


What can you do in this case? There is a lot you can do, but the most straightforward option is changing the narrative to unique.


Other examples of duplicate content that you may not have noticed are Privacy Policies, Disclaimers or Disclosures pages where you can use nofollow, or noindex.


In practice, duplicate content is essential when discussing Google rankings. Therefore, I recommend you address these issues as soon as possible because you can improve your visibility in Google by doing so.

Be careful using duplicate content because it can affect your rankings in Google. Sometimes, there may be a good reason for it but Google needs to be told.


Take a look at this document for more information on this: Help Google choose the right canonical URL for your duplicate Pages




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