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Our Mission

In the modern world, almost everyone you meet has a plethora of side hustle ideas that they just can’t wait to get started. The problem, those aren’t necessarily good side hustles.

Our founder, Glynn, realized how many people were starting online side hustles with no direction. Coming from a background where money was in short supply, he truly understood the importance of having not only a side hustle but having the best side hustles possible. This was one of the many reasons that his passion for helping others grow a business sparked an idea in his mind.

In January of 2019, Glynn founded Thats Ecom to help as many people as possible create valuable, lasting business ventures.  Glynn sought to use Thats Ecom could propel them into the future and help them to support themselves and their families.

Today, we are the go-to place for small to medium-sized business startups. We help those startups by providing them with information on anything and everything that will help them to make a start on their online presence.

Our History

In the nineties, our founder wasn’t working a side hustle as you might assume. In fact, he was working hard as an office junior, bending over backwards to earn the money he needed to support himself and his family. The longer he was there, the more he advanced and was able to progress up the ranks.

However, he quickly realized that the stable income simply wasn’t providing him with the money and reward that he wanted in order to be truly successful. That’s when he decided to start freelancing on the side. He learned how to promote himself as a brand and to use the internet and the technology available to him to build a successful small business.

Today, that history has translated into a business that gives other ambitious young people the chance to create their own company and start pursuing their dreams from the ground up. Glynn helps companies build WordPress websites, protect their brand, and take advantage of other opportunities for monetizing their business online.

An Overview of Thats Ecom

Technology Experts

Our website is backed up by technology experts who understand every aspect of building a strong online business. We assist with web design, branding, software recommendations, and monetization strategies that make a difference.

Small to Mid-Size Businesses

We work primarily with small to medium-sized businesses. We help people who are just getting started in the niche of side hustles and entrepreneurship, enabling even the newest people to the online business place get started building their dreams.

A Wealth of Information

Our website offers a wealth of information to the businesses and clients that we help. We’ve put together resources and information that enables everyone to pursue their dreams and build an online business and grow a brand online.

Amazing Community

Everyone in our community is incredibly supportive. We’ve got thousands of customers around the globe who we’ve helped to build their business and launch something significant from the getgo.

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