What is meant by Affiliate Marketing?


What is meant by affiliate marketing is a question I have heard a few times recently. So, what does it mean?


Here is a quick simple summary of what the two words mean:




A Person attached or connected to an organisation of who’s product or service that person is promoting in return for an agreed commission.




Promotion of products or services by way of advertising online.


Affiliate marketing is basically a way of earning money or “Commission” advertising and selling a product or service for someone else.  You are doing all the hard work to sell their products or services and therefore rightly deserve to receive commission!


Believe me, Affiliate Marketing is not as difficult as it sounds.


You may be thinking:


Wait, don’t I have to contact the product or service owner and negotiate terms and complete a lot of lengthy legal forms? “.


*****  STOP!! , This Is NOT The Case At All!!  *****


Affiliate marketing is now one of the best ways of making an online income.  Most businesses have an Affiliate program of some sort.  All you need to do is check their “Affiliate” link, normally found on the Footer of their website, for details.


What is an Affiliate Program?


Ok great, so you are ready to know more about Affiliate Programs, that’s great!

An Affiliate program is where a company offers the Affiliate Marketer, (thats “YOU“), a commission to promote and sell one or more of their own products or services in exchange for an agreed commission as previously mentioned.

Huge companies like Amazon and Wealthy Affiliate and many others run their own programs.  However it’s not just the big companies either, there are many smaller companies too such as Elegant Themes and Lastpass that run their own Affiliate Programs.

There will obviously be some basic information these Affiliate programs require to get you started but nothing complicated. For a start they will need to know where to send the money when you have sold their product or service and I am sure you won’t mind completing that information on the online form?


What are Affiliate Networks?


Many of the smaller companies use Affiliate networks to help with their product or service promotions.  This method is used to lower their costs of promoting their products in house.


Examples of Affiliate Networks are:


Amazon Associates





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What is meant by Affiliate Marketing?

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Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase an item or service, I will receive an affiliate commission.”

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